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In all your export / import transportation processes, Propers Logistics provides you with the privelege of a reliable cooperation including everything from logistics planning to customs, from warehousing and transportation to vehicle and load tracking; on EUROPE, MIDDLE-EAST and RUSSIA routes.

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Propers Logistics and International Transportation Services

Landroute Transportation

Quick & economic land transportation service to all countries and cities via complete or partial transportation.

Container Transportation

pictureComplete container (FCL) and partial container (LCL) transportation and customs services to all ports worldwide via searoute

Airline Cargo Transportation

Quick cargo, air container and cargo tracking services from all Turkish Airports to European, Middle-Eastern and Global Airports.

Lowbed Transportation

For all your heavy freight and project transportation jobs, outstanding know-how is there for you.

Customs Clearence

Complete customs clearence and freight carriage for all your international transportation jobs and export or import transportations.

Your cargo is in safe hands with all-included solutions!

Propers Logistic, provides complete or partial transportation, international cargo, landroute-searoute-air cargo-combined transportation, lowbed and mould heavy freight and project transportation services to all Middle-East and Russian countries, Europe foremost.
Propers Logistics, export and import companies being foremost, serves all companies in need of an all-included international transportation services with transportation planning, customs clearence, warehousing and transportation functions; via its field-experienced team, comprehensive routes and international network.

  • Transportation Planning: The most important process in international transportation is planning. Your cargo will be delivered on time if you have a seamless and orderly logistics plan. Propers Logistics Planning, with its experienced team, prepares a perfect transportation plan for you
  • Document Follow-Up and Customs Clearence: In export and import process, what most firms face difficulties is preparing and handing in mandatory documents properly. You will definitely need assistance there. Propers Logistics prepares and follows up all your customs clearence documents for you.
  • Warehousing: Whatever your cargo is, or whatever the transportation means are, you will always face warehousing expenses. With proper planning, it is possible to minimize the costs. Propers Logistics Warehouse ensures transportation and warehousing of your cargo with minimum cost.
  • Operation: Eveything from transportation means to flight coordination, tractor trailer dimensions, container prices, distances and daily / hourly trackings is within bounds of your knowledge. Propers Logistics Operation informs you during all stages of the process and delivers your cargo on time.
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